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Becoming a commercial window cleaner.

The person who makes any glass surface on the outside of a building clean is a window cleaner. Professional window cleaners, (those who are paid to do cleaning services), use a mixture of cleaning fluids and equipment clean the building and make it sparkle.

There are two categories of window cleaners:-

i. Domestic window cleaners

ii. Commercial window cleaners (Paid)

The commercial window cleaners need so much investment at the outset than the domestic ones. Commercial window cleaners charge at least much higher per hour than the domestic one because of the equipments they have to use and everything they cover.

The practical skills you have are very much important to help you become a commercial cleaner. Your practical skills, the ability to work at heights and knowledge of your health and safety are some of the things that your employers will be interested in.

Massage – Window Cleaners

Looking after your body is vital when it comes to being a window cleaner. Your body can be put in very stressful positions, We suggest that you take regular breaks and look at therapies like massage to help you. Doing core strength exercises can be useful along with massage therapy. It does not have to be deep tissue massage either. There are many different kinds available. Many window cleaners could also have this same issue and they might want to have some treatment so learning massage could be a good way of adding to your income. You could try learning with this massage course in Dublin, Ireland

You must also be ready to learn on how you will use power operated equipments like lifts for your higher level cleaning services. You also need to be reliable, work hard and be honest.

Customer experience is also one of the best skill and technique that might consider you a paid cleaner. Other more skills and literacy are key factors that might just make you one of the greatest paid window cleaners.

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