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Clean windows are a good sight to behold. The amount of dust and dirt accumulated on windows cannot compare to any other part of the house. Therefore, there`s the need to come up with an efficient way to wash windows at home.

In order to achieve good results, there are some basic requirements: Abundance of water, detergent, washing sponge and a step ladder.

For smaller window sizes, hand sponges are more effective as it allows one to scrub into the corners and panes of the windows. For larger windows, an applicator is much easier to use; as it sucks up enough soap and covers a larger area in a shorter time. After scrubbing, its is important to rinse off with clean water and later on rub the glass with a dry newspaper to ensure the windows maintain the shine of the glass and do not look faded.

Home based solutions for cleaning could be used to remove stubborn stains. Vinegar is a good remedy for that. Also, It is to be noted that protective gloves should be used to eliminate incidents of cuts and grazes.

In conclusion, window cleaning is a vital factor in house cleanliness and should be done regularly.

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